Saturday, August 06, 2011


 The other day I've been hunting for a new great book. Fortunately, I stumpled upon a great website: This is an online service that can recommend new books to read from a single book title entered into the form on the service’s website. You just type in a book you like, and it will give you different suggestions of similar books. The book recommendation service works with book titles and ISBN, and if the book title is not precise enough a list of possible matches is displayed of which one needs to be selected by the user of the recommendation service. This will then lead to the loading of the result’s page that lists book authors and titles that are related to the book entered.
To judge the resommended books, the service links also to the book’s pages at and where you can get additional information about the selected book.

I cannot say which is my favorite book of all time, because there are so many great and incredible books. But one of the books I really loved to read was Bright Shiny Morning, the first novel by James Frey, a collection of stories about various individuals in Los Angeles. It portrays a married couple, both celebrities, a Mexican-American maid, a homless man of Venice and two runaway teens. It unifies California dreams, nightmares and realities in a fascinating, enthralling and educational way. At the time i read it I couldn't put it down because it reminded me of the great time I spent in the City of Angels. Oh, I wish myself back ... I don't think that one of the recommended books can give me this feeling! The selection is a little bit weired,...

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